Variety Show Sign Up Form

Dear Parents,

The Variety Show Committee is currently making plans for the 2018 Variety Show, Bolton’s Saturday Morning Cartoons (this is subject to change). The application form for students who wish to participate is on the other side of this form. This is to be returned to the main office by November 27th. Please be sure to include friend’s/sibling’s names for your child. We cannot guarantee they will be together, but it is good to be able to group kids together. Each student will pay a $25 fee (one check per family is fine) when they sign up, which will cover show expenses, such as costuming, sets and props. In some cases, parents may still be expected to provide “normal clothing”, such as black shoes or a white turtleneck. Students will be placed in a group and rehearsals usually are 1 ½ hours weekly for 9 to 10 weeks prior to the show. This is a fun event for the kids and does wonders for their self confidence.

We will not exclude anyone from participating due to financial need. If you would like to request a scholarship to cover the fee, please include a note in a sealed envelope attached to the application form.

We ask that students who have not previously performed in a BCS show attend the “meet and greet” auditions on December 4th (snow date Dec. 11th). Students who are interested in a role in the “in-between” acts will have auditions on December 4th (snow date Dec. 11th) as well. Students who have been in a previous show and are not interested in an in-between role do not need to audition. Auditions are very informal.

Audition Categories

Singers—an email will be sent directly to you with the music/song we would like to hear auditioned. You will receive this prior to the holiday break, and we ask that the performer have it memorized for auditions or request their own song.

Speaking – a script will be given the night of auditions, more information to follow.

General Cast—a “meet and greet” audition will be held only for students who have not previously performed in a BCS show. No preparation is necessary. These auditions are informal.

If you have questions, please call or text Alison Romkey @ 860-335-3722 or email:

Important Information for All Performers

Students may not get their choice of category or act, as these decisions will be based on the needs of the show. Please be flexible.

Only BCS students, Bolton residents and staff are eligible to perform.

Transportation to and from practice sessions, rehearsals and the performances is the responsibility of the parent. However, no child should be excluded because of transportation difficulties. Car-pooling may be a possibility.

Students will be asked to attend mandatory practices once or twice a week beginning in mid-January. Practices conform to the Coaches’ schedules.


Absence and Conduct Policy Coaches reserve the right to dismiss a student from an act if too many absences occur or if conduct becomes unacceptable. All school rules will apply to the participation of students in all aspects of the show.  NO CELL PHONE USAGE, students will be dismissed for excessive cell phone usage during practice.

Important Dates

November 27th: Permission forms and payment due in BCS office

December 4th: (snow date: 12/11) Meet and greet auditions for first time performers and evening auditions for singers and dancers (just for first time performers and 8th grade speakers)

Mandatory Dates for all Performers

March 17: Daytime cast and crew rehearsals (30-45 minute time commitment)

March 19: Tech Rehearsal (30-45 minute time commitment)

March 21: Full Dress Rehearsal (3 hour time commitment)

March 23 & March 24: Show dates (3 hour time commitment)